The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

The New Vegetarian Cooking for EveryoneThe New Vegetarian
Cooking for Everyone

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What’s New about The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
For the most part it is the same book you already know, one that is still filled with your favorite recipes from the past. The point wasn’t to write an entirely new book, but to bring its contents up to date. Here’s what’s new:
• 150 new recipes
• A greater emphasis on tempeh and miso than tofu, which we now see as more beneficial than we once thought.
• There is a designation of the many recipes that are vegan and more vegan options as well
• Recipes that were especially rich or challenging for other reasons were either eliminated or adapted to reflect today’s tastes
• A section on vegetable sautés replaces some of the more complicated stir-fries
• There is now a no-knead recipe with some great variations
• New ingredients are included, such as smoked paprika, shichimi togorashi, coconut oil and coconut beverage along with almond, rice, hemp and other dairy substitutes, new peppers, farro, forbidden rice, frikeh, and many more foods
• Lastly, the New VCFE has a beautiful new cover and design

So, you’ll find old friends here and hopefully discover some new ones. And, as in the older version, if you’re vegetarian, you can eat everything in this book. If you’re vegan, you can eat from a great many recipes or make the changes you’re accustomed to. And if you are an omnivore, there’s nothing that says these recipes can’t be served with meat or made with meat-based stocks. The choice is entirely yours. Whatever your personal approach, I hope very much that you enjoy The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

Winner of a James Beard Award and the Julia Child’s Cookbook of the Year.

What people are saying

Deborah Madison’s book is utterly credible and accessible, because she writes the same way she cooks and gardens: with passion and knowledge. It’s not just an authoritative and reliable vegetarian cookbook, it’s a humanitarian one, too, because she communicates so well the beauty of a sustainable way of cooking and eating.” – Alice Waters, Chez Panisse

“Believe me when I tell you that Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone has changed my life.  I am not a vegetarian, but your techniques, your common-sense combinations and the simplicity of so many of your recipes have elevated my cooking in my my friends’ eyes. They taste a simple seasonal dish, such as eggplant baked with feta and tomatoes and are mystified as to what’s in it. I will not tell. I simply push the book at them and say, ‘It changed my life.  It can change yours’.” – from a reader