Some New Books to Watch For

I love books and I have always been helpless in bookstores, inevitably buying more than I can expect to read in a reasonable amount of time.   In addition to those I pick out myself, publishers send me manuscripts on a regular basis to write those little blurbs you read on the back. Many of these new books I see are exceptionally fresh and exciting, and here are some I want to share with you.

Jam Today, A Diary of Cooking With What You’ve Got by Tod Davies    (Exterminating Angel Press)

This is the kind of book I love and it’s the way I think of food myself —circumstantial.  It’s snowing out, you look in the cupboard, you scour for leftovers, and you come up with some remarkable dinner that you may or may never repeat. But the telling of such adventures is really plain talk about cooking and life, and this is what Tod Davies’ eccentric little book is all about. It’s a delight, it’s inspiring, and Exterminating Angel is her press, too.

Growing Good Tings to Eat in TexasProfiles of Organic Farmers and Ranchers across the State, by Pamela Walker    (Texas A&M)

When I was researching my book Local Flavors, Cooking and Eating from America’s Farmers’ Markets, Texas was the state that stumped me most.  I knew there were good things to eat there, but mostly they were in Austin and the surrounding Hill Country. So-called farmers’ markets I visited were selling produce from the produce terminal and no one seemed to know the difference. Pamela Walker, however, has uncovered a cheap oakley sunglasses host of people growing good food in the Lone Star State from vegetables to shrimp, from cheese to meat, and this book profiles them. It has pictures too, and is an encouraging milepost on the food way.

Cheesemonger, by Gordon Edgar     (Chelsea Green Press) Not out yet, watch for it come February.

I’m just reading this really delightful tale of a cheesemonger in San Francisco. Only sleep forced me to put it down last night, but this morning and resumed with pleasure, nearly missing my yoga class. It’s about time someone from the punk persuasion walked into the food world. And now he’s writing about it!  This is an informative read and an entertaining and refreshing one, to boot.

Deeply Rooted, Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness,  by Lisa M. Hamilton   (Counterpoint Press)

After I heard Lisa Hamilton read from her book and I lined up to buy a copy.  In Deeply Rooted she profiles three farmers and looks through them towards the cheap oakley past, the present and the future towards ways of farming that lay outside the agribusiness world.  She’s a fine writer and an intelligent observer and her book moves along at surprising clip. You won’t have heard of the farmers she speaks with—they are not obvious heroes. Yet. Much food for thought here.

0 thoughts on “Some New Books to Watch For

  1. Amy

    Oh no! I just bought a big fat collection of MFK Fisher, and then I saw your blog post. Now I’ll have to run out and get some of these. If I keep going this way, no one will know what to get me for Christmas… 🙂

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  3. Deborah

    Hi Gordon! Now to write the comment for the book—I will, I will! I loved it, as you can tell. And I loved hearing the voice of one from the punk world, especially when it talked about era before punk. And much more, too …

  4. Deborah

    I’m finally actually reading Deeply Rooted an it’s
    an amazing book —fresh, beautifully written, explains without ranting, in short – a great read!


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