Seasonal Fruit Desserts

Seasonal Fruit DessertsSeasonal Fruit Desserts from Orchard, Farm and Market

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All the things that go into making good savory dishes –the hand, the heart and the five senses – go into making desserts. Seasonal Fruit Desserts captures fruit as a means to pleasure and knowledge. I‘ve used the subject of (mostly) fruit desserts to guide readers to the names of stellar varieties, their characteristics, where and when they might be found, and the history of some of our unique American fruits. It also looks at tree crops, from Medjool dates to shagbark hickory nuts, and America’s new farmstead cheeses for the last course of the meal. Seasonal Desserts from Orchard, Farm and Market challenges our ideas about what’s in season by looking at where foods are grown and what their true seasonality looks like. Green rhubarb with blackberries? Of course!

Because good fruit speaks so well for itself, these desserts don’t depend on terribly exacting conditions and manual dexterity for success. These are recipes for cooks rather than pastry chefs, meaning they are easily made.

What people are saying

“I’m definitely a ‘fruit for dessert’ person and I’ve just gone crazy with this new book. The recipes are simple and beautifully explained in Deborah’s patient, knowledgeable voice. This is a book for both those just learning to cook as well as cooks with lots of experience.” – John Ash,  James Beard Award-winning author and IACP Cooking School Teacher of the Year

“Deborah Madison is all about trust … the places she takes us beyond the recipe are what what make her work so vital. Here, she is in all her glory telling us how to sort through the confounding variety of fruits for the best flavors and how to understand what we’re buying from the ground up. And she makes no bones about what she believes – taste and sustainability above all, local if at all possible, and in season always. Bravo!” – Lynne Rossetto Kasper, host of The Splendid Table from American Public Media

“Here is the perfect dessert book for the savory cook; a collection of recipes valuing improvisation over precision and taste over intricate constructions. In Seasonal Fruit Desserts, Deborah Madison offers recipes that shout about the beauty and romance of a sweet apricot or crisp tart apple, while also connecting us to the stories of growers and the evolution of regional fruit varieties.” – Peter Hoffman, chef/owner of Savoy and Back Forty in New York City

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