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Local FlavorsLocal Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America’s Farmers’ Markets

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Cooking is more than assembling ingredients from the store, and farmers markets are more than farmers selling produce. They reflect the reemerging culture of small scale farming and the goodness and sense of community that comes with them. With Local Flavors I began to talk about the relationship between food, farming and cooking in earnest.

After years of cooking from the farmers markets (and even managing one), I wanted to take a look at farmers markets across the country to get a better sense of what local, seasonal eating really looks like over time and distance. I crisscrossed the US, visiting about 100 markets (Alaska by phone) to see what was there, talked to farmers and recorded their stories about meeting the challenges of growing food. I think of Local Flavors as a portrait of America’s seasons and regions, a book that connects recipes and menus to profiles of farmers and markets.

Winner of a James Beard Award and the Julia Child’s Cookbook of the Year.

What people are saying

“For anyone trying to eat locally and seasonally, Local Flavors is indispensable.” – Michael Pollan, author of The Ominvore’s Dilemma

“I sat down at the kitchen table with Deborah Madison’s gorgeous cookbook, Local Flavors, which works from the premise that any week of the year can render up, from very near your home, the best meal of your life.” – Barbara Kingsolver, author of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

“Deborah Madison is a wizard at combining ingredients in new ways that feel honest and traditional. She is one of the very few people responsible for reinventing and furthering the cause of American home cooking.“ – Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything

“This is food writing taken to its highest calling. To walk through a farmers‘ market with Deborah Madison is my idea of heaven. Local Flavors is no less than a luscious miracle.“ – Gary Nabhan, author of Coming Home to Eat

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