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In My Kitchen

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Spring 2017, this is my latest book. It was a pleasure to write because I was able to use a lot of narrative, often giving the backstory of various recipes and reflecting on why I made them one way originally and why I am able to make them differently today. Often the answer as to how they are different had to do with ingredients, which have changed a great deal for us in the past few decades. For example, we have many more varieties of vegetables, fruits and beans to choose from; better bread, eggs, and dairy, coconut milk, beverage, oil and sugar, smoked paprika and smoked salt, mushroom salts and on and on and on. It makes it easier to cook when you have good sources of flavor, and that we do.Some dishes became lighter when I realized that originally I was nervous cooking for a non-vegetarian public. What did I do? I added cheese! Now it can come out.Other recipes are good just as they are and they didn’t change, but I felt it was important to encourage readers to go ahead and make a soufflé – that it’s easy. (And it is!)

Some recipes are old, some are new, still others I found hidden in my own cookbooks and decided to revive them, to give them a new life. Like the very easy and good feta cheese browned in butter or olive oil with toasted sesame seeds. If you have a minute and some feta, you have an appetizer.

But one of the good things about this book is that nearly all recipes are accompanied by beautiful photographs by Erin Scott, including images of where I live in New Mexico and my steadfast pooch. I have to thank 10 Speed Press for making such a beautiful book for me!