Cooking with Confidence!

News about an interview on cooking with confidence. […]

Cooking with Dante


I have a very loyal kitchen hound. His sensitive little ears perk up the minute I enter the kitchen to cook and within moments he is sitting at my feet, looking up inquisitively at my motions, listening to the sounds of chopping and slicing, rustling papers, the unwrapping things, all sounds that have […]

Thanksgiving Without the Turkey (but with so much else!)

Some ideas for a Thanksgiving meal without the turkey. […]

Harvesting Larkspur Seeds in July

When you want a little more control in your garden plan, saving seeds from annuals might be a good idea, especially when they’re plentiful. […]

Koronecki: From Tree to Table

A Greek resort makes its own olive oil, and my brother makes the same variety, but in the end it’s oh so different. […]

The Next Generation Cooks Dinner

Who says a seventeen year old can’t pull of a dinner for fourteen the night before she leaves for college? […]

An Urban Farm in Phoenix

Greg Peterson makes a green farm in a city not known for being much that way at all. […]

Driving Through the Desert and Finding Something to Eat

Finally good chefs are getting out of the city. The restaurant, Canela, in Sonita, Arizona (where?) is a great example that good food can be found in hard places. […]

Driving In the Desert and Finding Something (Good) to Eat

Not all good restaurants driven by local ingredients are found in the cities. Take Canela, located on a two-lane road in Southern Arizona. […]

More Good Things About Ohio: A National Park with Farms

How about a national park that includes farms and a farmers market? […]