Thanksgiving Without the Turkey (but with so much else!)

Some ideas for a Thanksgiving meal without the turkey. […]

Harvesting Larkspur Seeds in July

When you want a little more control in your garden plan, saving seeds from annuals might be a good idea, especially when they’re plentiful. […]

Koronecki: From Tree to Table

A Greek resort makes its own olive oil, and my brother makes the same variety, but in the end it’s oh so different. […]

The Next Generation Cooks Dinner

Who says a seventeen year old can’t pull of a dinner for fourteen the night before she leaves for college? […]

An Urban Farm in Phoenix

Greg Peterson makes a green farm in a city not known for being much that way at all. […]

Driving Through the Desert and Finding Something to Eat

Finally good chefs are getting out of the city. The restaurant, Canela, in Sonita, Arizona (where?) is a great example that good food can be found in hard places. […]

Driving In the Desert and Finding Something (Good) to Eat

Not all good restaurants driven by local ingredients are found in the cities. Take Canela, located on a two-lane road in Southern Arizona. […]

More Good Things About Ohio: A National Park with Farms

How about a national park that includes farms and a farmers market? […]

Talus Wind Ranch – Nourishing Community

(Published in Edible Santa Fe, Spring, 2009)

Like many, Tim Willm’s association with New Mexico started with casual visits. But unlike most who relocate, he bought a ranch instead of a faux adobe house in Santa Fe. Located about six miles south of Galisteo, the dry grasslands of Talus Wind Ranch rise to a rocky […]

The Red Label Bird with Gold Medal Flavor

(Published in Edible Santa Fe, Summer, 2009)

I knew the name pertained to chickens, but what kind of a bird was La Belle Rouge? I gathered it was a beautiful red chicken, but what else? I called Don Bixby of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy to find out.

“It’s not a breed, it’s a protocol,” […]