Cooking with Confidence!

News about an interview on cooking with confidence. […]

My New Book: In My Kitchen

Introducing my new book, In My Kitchen, due out in March. […]

Thanksgiving Without the Turkey (but with so much else!)

Some ideas for a Thanksgiving meal without the turkey. […]

The Golden Glow of Meyer Lemons

A gift of Meyer lemons inspires not only desserts, but a very simple dressing to brighten your winter foods. […]

Zuni Stew

The Zuni Stew of my imagination meets the real thing at Zuni Pueblo. […]

The Zucchini with Ribs

Of all the bland summer squashes out there, one stands out, and it’s a zucchini. […]

About a Vegetarian and Vegan Book Signing in a Butcher Shop.

Hopefully there’s room at the table for everyone, no matter what we choose to eat or not to eat. […]

Just Vegetables: Radicchio di Chioggia

Simple to cook, homely to look at, and so, so, good if you like bitter and brown, this is just the thing to make when you can’t think about cooking but you want something very good to eat. […]

The Friendly Breakfast Bap

Rescued from the winter doldrums just in time by an old friend: the bap. They might work for you, too! […]

The Chard Among the Goosefoots

Chard is a goosefoot (who knew?) and oh so good in the kitchen. […]