Color and Carrots

Do colors and flavors always match, and what do we do with these different colored carrots? […]

Mouse Nibbles and High Winds

Sometimes the strange harvest of a winter garden holds some surprises. […]

Two Long Roots: Salsify and Scoroznera

When’s the last time you had salsify roots in your kitchen? They make a pretty good chowder in case you have a stash. […]

My Accidental Near-Vegan New Years Menu

I didn’t set out to have a vegan New Year’s Dinner, but sometimes it just happens that way. […]

Eat More Kale!

And A Very Happy New Year to All!

Weird Wrappings or Where to Put the Tangerine?

Sometimes it’s the wrapper more than the gift that’s remembered. […]

Koroneiki: From Tree to Table

Following the tiny Koroneiki olive from its home on the tree to a gushing stream of green Greek oil at Costa Navarino. […]

Koronecki: From Tree to Table

A Greek resort makes its own olive oil, and my brother makes the same variety, but in the end it’s oh so different. […]

Keep the Meal and Take a Hike

Must we really fiddle with the holiday meal to make it balanced and light? Why not take a hike? […]

Garden Cleanup, Cardoons and Carrots and What I Learned

Cleaning up the garden reveals giant carrots, wayward amaranths and lessons learned. […]