What I Learned from the Drought

What this summer’s continued drought taught me in the garden. […]

Connecting the Dots with Vegetable Literacy

Vegetable Literacy connects the dots between the plant world and the kitchen and goes out in the world. […]

Greens From the Greenhouse and Greens from the Out-of-Doors

Tender from the greenhouse or tough from the out-of-doors, these greens are like two different creatures, but both are for good eating. […]

The Friendly Breakfast Bap

Rescued from the winter doldrums just in time by an old friend: the bap. They might work for you, too! […]

Sage and Winter Squash with Sage

Sage and winter squash make a harmonious pair that stick together from fall through winter. […]

Winding up a Book During Tomato Time

Doing all the final work on a book is made easier with tomatoes. […]

Some Decent Places to Eat When You’re Driving Long Distances

Road food, and a few food finds to share from Santa Fe to Davis, CA on those big western highways. […]

Color and Carrots

Do colors and flavors always match, and what do we do with these different colored carrots? […]

Mouse Nibbles and High Winds

Sometimes the strange harvest of a winter garden holds some surprises. […]

Two Long Roots: Salsify and Scoroznera

When’s the last time you had salsify roots in your kitchen? They make a pretty good chowder in case you have a stash. […]