Black Bean Chili is Still Good

I recently made the Black Bean Chili from The Greens Cookbook – the first time in many many years. And I’m happy to report that it’s still good and that my husband loved it. I pureed the leftovers and served the resulting “soup” around rice and that was good, too.

I’ve written a lot of bean recipes over the years and they appear throughout my books. Now that my husband likes beans, I am turning to those recipes once again with pleasure. They work!  Give them a try and let me know what you like.

I just planted the last of my many kinds of beans and with this unexpected heat, perhaps they will reward me come fall.  I hope so.

2 comments to Black Bean Chili is Still Good

  • MJ

    Yes, I saw this recipe in the Guardian and am excited to make it from my Greens cookbook. I feel I need to buy Rancho Gordo bllack beans because I know they are fresh as opposed to the beans on some grocery store shelves.

    You should have a series on PBS!

    • You are too kind, MJ! By the way, I buy my black beans at the farmers market – another good source. The black beans I planted
      didn’t come up, but the others did. Now if they can just survive this heat!

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