Black Bean Chili is Still Good

I recently made the Black Bean Chili from The Greens Cookbook – the first time in many many years. And I’m happy to report that it’s still good and that my husband loved it. I pureed the leftovers and served the resulting “soup” around rice and that was good, too.

I’ve written a lot of bean recipes over the years and they appear throughout my books. Now that my husband likes beans, I am turning to those recipes once again with pleasure. They work!  Give them a try and let me know what you like.

I just planted the last of my many kinds of beans and with this unexpected heat, perhaps they will reward me come fall.  I hope so.

3 thoughts on “Black Bean Chili is Still Good

  1. MJ

    Yes, I saw this recipe in the Guardian and am excited to make it from my Greens cookbook. I feel I need to buy Rancho Gordo bllack beans because I know they are fresh as opposed to the beans on some grocery store shelves.

    You should have a series on PBS!

    1. Deborah Madison Post author

      You are too kind, MJ! By the way, I buy my black beans at the farmers market – another good source. The black beans I planted
      didn’t come up, but the others did. Now if they can just survive this heat!

  2. Maja F

    I also really enjoy the black bean chili 🙂
    Recently I tried to make the Red Beans with Greens recipe in The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone but was confused about the instruction to add the vegetables (chopped onions, celery ribs, green pepper) to the roux and cook for five minutes – usually onions need to cook longer and I was afraid this would burn the roux so decided to cook onions, etc. in separate pan and then add them to the roux together with the liquid. It came out ok but was wondering what you think?
    I love your beans recipes, though it is hard to come by some of the ingredients where I live (Epazote – had to grow it myself 🙂


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