An Onion in My Pocket
An Onion in My Pocket

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From the author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (“The Queen of Greens,” The Washington Post)–a warm, bracingly honest memoir that also gives us an insider’s look at the vegetarian movement.

Thanks to her beloved cookbooks and groundbreaking work as the chef at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, Deborah Madison, though not a vegetarian herself, has long been revered as this country’s leading authority on vegetables. She profoundly changed the way generations of Americans think about cooking with vegetables, helping to transform “vegetarian” from a dirty word into a mainstream way of eating. But before she became a household name, Madison spent almost twenty years as an ordained Buddhist priest, coming of age in the midst of counterculture San Francisco. In this charmingly intimate and refreshingly frank memoir, she tells her story–and with it the story of the vegetarian movement–for the very first time. From her childhood in Big Ag Northern California to working in the kitchen of the then-new Chez Panisse, and from the birth of food TV to the age of green markets everywhere, An Onion in My Pocket is as much the story of the evolution of American foodways as it is the memoir of the woman at the forefront. It is a deeply personal look at the rise of vegetable-forward cooking, and a manifesto for how to eat well.

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  1. Donna Rose

    Congratulations on your memoir. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!! Thank you for continuing to
    keep us grounded and appreciative of the truly important things in life.

  2. Barb Cowles

    I was lucky to be able to eat at both The Greens and Chez Panisse in the early 1980s. Your recipe for yeasted waffles in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone was a link to my Bohemian grandmother. She made them too. What a treat it will be to read An Onion in My Pocket. Thank you for all your work.

  3. Barbara Mishkin

    I just read the wonderful article in the Wall Street Journal about you. It was extremely inspiring for me to reach this – I am a vegetarian most of the time, but honestly do cheat with fish and sometimes a food from my past. I run the not for profit, The Inspiration Project, sending inspirations worldwide to 10 countries. I would like permission to put on my site a few sentences from the WSJ article, but first wanted to ask you. My facebook is http://www.facebook.com/theinspirationproject5. I give those going through difficult situations an inspiration or a story each day sometimes privately or through this site.
    I am totally enamored by this beautiful article about you. I am also 75 years old and started this 5 years ago when I received a voice telling me what the project would be. This week I will be honored in a newspaper supplemental publication The Good Life – seniors making a difference – so I am quite proud to be 75 also.

  4. Bernard Zemble

    Dear Deborah; Just finished reading your wonderful memoir. I enjoyed it very much because I have been going to G.G. for over 30 years. Working in the kitchen, off and on, one of my favorite spots. I have also spent time at Tassajihara and the Zen Ctr. on Page St. So I have been around and could relate to your experiences described in your book.


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