My New Book: In My Kitchen


A friend pointed out recently that myweb-site had disappeared!  And she was right, but it’s back now, which is good, because I want to tell you about my new book that’s coming out in March.

It’s called In My Kitchen. And that’s just what it is – me in my kitchen cooking favorite recipes, brought right up to date with today’s new ingredients, as well as recipes that are quite new.  It is lavishly illustrated with gorgeous photographs by Erin Scott and all in all I think it’s a handsome, intimate book. (I just got a copy in the mail from my publisher, 10-Speed Press.) It is richer in narrative than most of my books, replete with stories and a close look at how new ingredients have made good food more accessible.

I really enjoyed writing this book and working with everyone who was involved with it. I hope you’ll like it, too!

2 thoughts on “My New Book: In My Kitchen

  1. Vicki Blachman

    Made two things from this book over the weekend, both of which have already been declared staples on our rotating recipe list. The Breakfast Cake alone is worth more than the price of this book!

    So proud to call you my friend, and completely over the moon to have this treasure trove to add to your well used (and well chewed, thanks to Whitney) books on my shelf.


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