An Onion in My Pocket Delayed!

Now it’s coming out at the end of September. I’ve no idea of course if I’ll be traveling with the book or not, but I do hope that it does appear and that you’ll read it – or ┬álisten to it.

In the meantime, take care and stay well!

2 thoughts on “An Onion in My Pocket Delayed!

  1. James Martinez

    Thank you Deborah! I am so looking forward to this. I just bought two copies in advance, one for me and one for my stepmother. We all really enjoy your books. I finally traded in my very tattered old copy of “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” for the revised version.

    1. Deborah Madison Post author

      Thank you James! I hope you enjoy it. And indeed, I’ve seen some extremely tattered, soup-soaked,
      chocolate stained etc. etc. copies of the original version of VCFE!


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