Saturday Market, Sunday Lunch – on a Hot August Afternoon

When Local Flavors was in the making I wanted to call it Saturday Market, Sunday Lunch. Although the title changed, the pattern remains – I spend too much time shopping at the farmers market on Saturday to want to cook that night, but come Sunday I dive in and have people over.

On a recent Sunday I had the chance to do that – lunch for about 25 people in a gallery where prints from What We Eat When We Eat Alone were Ray Ban outlet hung. While it’s always fun eating in a gallery, it’s not easy turning one’s small kitchen into a restaurant for a day. But that’s what we did and here’s the menu. Except for the red endive, which was grown by my California friend, Rich Collins, the Spanish beans and the Portugese wine, all was local. And the recipes appear in various of my books – Local Flavors, my soup book, and Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

While this was a lot to pull off by oneself for so many people, I think this menu works for a smaller number of people, say six. You can make the soup and the roulade the day before – the meringues too, for that matter—then do all the fresh things on Sunday.

[See the menu]

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