Jicama is a legume!

Jicama is a legume, even though he usually see just the swollen tuber. Here’s an image with the leaves and beans as well. […]

The Golden Glow of Meyer Lemons

A gift of Meyer lemons inspires not only desserts, but a very simple dressing to brighten your winter foods. […]

Zuni Stew

The Zuni Stew of my imagination meets the real thing at Zuni Pueblo. […]

The Mighty Gilfeather Rutabaga

In late November I finally had a chance to see and taste this heirloom vegetable, and I must say, it was good! […]

Where I Like to Eat in Santa Fe

People always ask me where I eat in Santa Fe, but it’s not easy to answer. Mostly I like to cook and eat at home, plus I don’t live right in Santa Fe, but here are six favorites. […]

Eating with Hands, Eating with Eyes

Is it possible to merge the food you eat with your hands with the food you eat with your eyes into one enchanted dig-in? […]