Beating the Heat with Beets

Because Patrick is from Arkansas, I don’t get to complain about New Mexico’s heat and occasional humidity. “Humid!” He declares. “You don’t know humid!”

And he’s got a point. This is the southwest, not the south. As for the heat, it doesn’t seem to bother him, despite which has been damn hot, mosquito filled, and […]

Cooking Dinner Alone and Without a Food Processor

How cooking alone led to thinking about my happy lack of a food processor for the past two years. […]

Grape Pie Season

Concord Grape Pie is a Sure Sign of Fall […]

Little Green Peppers—Shishitos

This is the third or fourth year we’ve had these little gems in the Santa Fe farmers’ market. If they’re not elsewhere, they should be, and they probably will be, is my guess. You can’t go wrong with these wrinkled little morsels.

Japanese shishito peppers are 2 to 3-inches long and bright green, like […]

Cabbage and Potato Gratin with Sage

Just too much cabbage in her CSA box was a challenge for a woman on the Washington Post Food Chat. How much coleslaw can one eat, she asked, and what else can be done with it? This is one of my favorite dishes, despite the need for baking. It’s pretty good at room temperature as […]

Going Back (and Forwards) with Chocolate Mousse and Cardamom Seeds

Chocolate mousse, which is now terribly old fashion, is something I included in my new book What We Eat When We Eat Alone. It was a bachelor’s idea for the finish to a seductive meal and indeed, it’s a pretty seductive little dessert. Funny that we’ve cast it so cheap oakley thoroughly aside, but that […]