Talus Wind Ranch – Nourishing Community

(Published in Edible Santa Fe, Spring, 2009)

Like many, Tim Willm’s association with New Mexico started with casual visits. But unlike most who relocate, he bought a ranch instead of a faux adobe house in Santa Fe. Located about six miles south of Galisteo, the dry grasslands of Talus Wind Ranch rise to a rocky […]

The Red Label Bird with Gold Medal Flavor

(Published in Edible Santa Fe, Summer, 2009)

I knew the name pertained to chickens, but what kind of a bird was La Belle Rouge? I gathered it was a beautiful red chicken, but what else? I called Don Bixby of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy to find out.

“It’s not a breed, it’s a protocol,” […]

Micaceous Pots

(Previously published on Gourmet.com)

Just as chiles might be regarded as the iconic food of New Mexico, micaceous pots are the region’s iconic cookware. These utilitarian vessels have been made and used by Taos, Picuiris, Nambe, Tesuque, Jemez Jicarilla Apache, and other native peoples since well before these groups first had contact with the Spanish […]

Margaret’s Big Idea – Taking the Market to the People

(Published in Edible Santa Fe, Summer, 2009)

It’s mid-April when I follow Eremita Campos and her daughter, Margaret, of Algo Nativo, out to their greenhouse where they’ve got the jump on the season: pots of squash, melons and tomatoes are already well on their way to becoming producing plants. Margaret harvests some tiny beets and […]

Growing the Food-shed . . .

. . . or the best news in local since unsliced artisan bread

(Published in Edible Santa Fe, Summer, 2008)

The Cooperative Distribution Center is not, perhaps, a name that inspires, but it should, for the CDC may well be the piece that will grow strong food economy based on New Mexico’s mid-sized food […]

Farmer Monte’s Regional – Seasonal CSA

(Published in Edible Santa Fe, August, 2009)

It’s 94 degrees out, but when Monte Skarsgard emerges from the fields of Los Poblanos Organics the heat doesn’t seem to be slowing him down. Nor is much else. Monte runs this 6-acre farm in Albuquerque’s north valley, plus a 16-acre farm in Isleta. Produce from both farms […]

Eating in Atlanta (After Paris)

(Published on Gourmet.com, February, 2009)

First there’s the indisputable pleasure of spending the holidays in Paris – the famously grey but luminous sky, the aggressive cold but also restaurants from which you emerge feeling warm and content; the markets and museums, the pleasure of simply walking in this most beautiful of cities. And there’s nothing […]

Boggy Creek Farm

(A shorter version of this appeared in Saveur, in 2009)

“Have you been to Boggy Creek Farm yet?” People kept asking me. It was like an ever-repeating mantra. But when I got there I immediately saw why this urban farm held such a special place in the hearts of Austinites. The food, for sure […]