Jicama is a legume!

Jicama is a legume, even though he usually see just the swollen tuber. Here’s an image with the leaves and beans as well. […]

Thanksgiving Without the Turkey (but with so much else!)

Some ideas for a Thanksgiving meal without the turkey. […]

Harvesting Larkspur Seeds in July

When you want a little more control in your garden plan, saving seeds from annuals might be a good idea, especially when they’re plentiful. […]

Zuni Stew

The Zuni Stew of my imagination meets the real thing at Zuni Pueblo. […]

The Zucchini with Ribs

Of all the bland summer squashes out there, one stands out, and it’s a zucchini. […]

What’s New about The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

What sets the New Vegetarian Cooking for everyone apart from the older one? Here are some hints. […]

The Mighty Gilfeather Rutabaga

In late November I finally had a chance to see and taste this heirloom vegetable, and I must say, it was good! […]

Little Stars of the Aster Family

Botanical families are all quite wonderful and also, quite different, so it’s hard for me to choose a favorite. But I’m especially drawn to the family of little stars, the aster (or daisy, or sunflower) family. […]

The Friendly Breakfast Bap

Rescued from the winter doldrums just in time by an old friend: the bap. They might work for you, too! […]

The Chard Among the Goosefoots

Chard is a goosefoot (who knew?) and oh so good in the kitchen. […]